ERIE LIBRARY COMIC CON Schedule (99.9999999% confirmed)

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May 16, 2015
Blasco Public Library
9 AM to 5 PM



9:30 AM Comic Book Jeopardy! Can you answer the tivialest of comic book trivia? Find out as you match wits against fellow aficionados led by your host.

11 AM William Castle Tribute – Slaughter Film, those local horror guys, present the life and movies of the Father of Interactive Cinema

2 PMStripped!” – In rare interviews, your favorite cartoonists open up about their work in the strip business.


10 AM Quickstarter, Your Dreams and the Local Economy with Kris Wheaton – Local Kickstarter Boss talks about making games and comics, and keeping production local while crowdfunding from all over.

11:30 AM Mord McGhee and Chet Gottfried of Tatersquatch Press read from their latest YA novels!

1 PM Positivity in Comics Fandom with The Multiverse of Awesome – Why are fans so negative? Who cares! Let’s talk about what we love!


10 AM /11:15 AM Comic Book 101 (sessions 1 and 2) – Designing a Character – Ever
thought about making a comic book of your own? You can get the ball rolling with our mini-workshops! Ron Maras leads participants through the creation of their own original comic book characters.
Location: 2nd Floor Atrium

11:15 AM/12:30 PM Comic Book 102 (sessions 1 and 2) – Writing a StoryJoshua Lucas shows participants how to write a one-page story with the characters they created in the 101 session.
Location: Computer Training Room

12:30 PM/1:45 PM Comic Book 103 (sessions 1 and 2) – Laying-out a PageJude Shingle finishes off our Intro to Creating a Comic Book by teaching participants about the six-panel layout and other variations.
Location: 2nd Floor Atrium


10 AM – 4:30 PM Warhammer 40,000 Tournament hosted by Game Corps. Registration starts at 10 AM and the cost is $15. The tournament will begin at 10:30. This will be 1500 points Highlander style.
Location: Second floor

10 AM – 4:30 PM Gaming Demos – Dice Masters with Al Rivera, and Sentinels of the Multiverse with Eric Perotti and Scott Mellon.
Location: Second floor

9 AM – 5 PM Retrocade Erie – WAAAAAY before your Angry Birds and blu-ray consoles, home video games were just blips and boxes on a TV screen, but without these, you’d be playing Jax on the sidewalk still. Come for a look back at electronic entertainment’s history.
Location: Second floor

The GeekERIE
Action Toyman
Books Galore
Mark Welser
Sources & Methods Games
Game Corps
Box of Light Studios
World War Games and Distractions
Super Awesome Comics
Mord McGhee and Chet Gottfried of Tatersquatch Press
Chris Adelhardt
Hayley Bricker
Ben T. Steckler
Friends of the USS Crystal Point


Many MANY thanks go out to

Marcy Hall
Erin McCracken
Mark Welser
Nick Parrett
Cynthia Aikley
Matt Texter
PJ Hambrick
Dave Crawford
Dina Sherman
Gina Gagliano
Alyssa Atkinson
David Berger
ActionToy Man
Bryan Toy
Mr. Saggio

…more to come as people scold me for my faulty memory…

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