If You’re Schlepping About Erie…

…and you see this:


Please send a mental thank you note -as I alone will never be able to attain the appropriate level of gratitude- to Matt Texter and Chris Avondet of LAMAR Advertising for donating billboard space to The GeekERIE, Nick Parrett and Cynthia Aikley for liaising, and Mark Welser for making another kick-ass graphic fr us!

If you want to find a billboard and send in a picture, Matt says

Right now it’s on our board on I-90 east of rt 99 on the west facing panel, I also put it on our board in Ashtabula, Ohio (why not?!) on Rt 20 at the Fairgrounds Rd. Then it will start running on May 4 on our panel on I79 south of west 26th on the side facing south, and the other will start on 5/11 at 16th and Peach St facing south.

I’ll be heading out tomorrow morning to find one.

THANK YOU x ∞ !!

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