New York Comic Con 2015


Bit late getting this up, but, ya know, disabling Con Plague was had.

NYCC was AWESOME!!!! I cannot wait for 2016!

This was The GeekERIE’s first time going to the Con as an educational pro (in the person of Sean here), which meant that I got to meet people like The Comic Book Teacher, The Other Comic Book Teacher and Alex Simmons who gave us full visions of how they make comics and gaming and writing and creating safe spaces for kids part of their teaching lives. It’s an amazing bar to reach, but also one that is worth reaching. Seeing the programs they have created makes what we want to do at The GeekERIE seem not only possible, but probable. All that inspiration is going to last a looooong time.

Also, I had ramen every day. Fresh, delicious ramen.

Jibberbun and I got an undeserved and kinda strange write-up over at Gothamist which was an amazing cap to an amazing weekend. OH! The actual cap to the weekend was going to The Brooklyn Strategist with my friend Josh to see what a game store/learning center looks like in practice. It was beautiful. Seriously, I almost cried. The GeekERIE has another idol to look up to and emulate.

Big announcements are coming in the next few weeks, so keep an ear out. I’ll probably be shouting them to anyone within earshot. Maybe further. It’s exciting, moving-forward stuff.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from NYCC 2015:

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