EVENT: Erie Library Comic Con 2016


First of all, Mark Welser‘s ELCC poster is genius, right? Disagree with me if you feel differently, but you’re wrong.

Next, I want to welcome The Que Abides to the Con!! If you haven’t had their food, you are in for SUCH a treat!

Are you cosplaying? GREAT! Stop by The GeekERIE’s booth so we can get a picture of you!

Finally and of course, here’s what’s happening this year at Erie Library Comic Con (90% complete, there still may be a few surprises to be revealed):


  • Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch Overkill
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Star Wars: X-Wing
  • Pokemon
  • Attack Dice
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • Intro to Pathfinder

A few more are possible. Stay tuned!


In the Atrium

COMIC BOOK 101 – Want to create your very own comic book character? Local genius artist Mark Welser will take oyou through the process of planning and drawing characters that are ready for adventure! First session is at 10 AM; second session at 11 AM.

But it doesn’t stop there!

COMIC BOOK 102 – Now that you have a character, what about those earlier-mentioned adventures? Sean McGrath, writer of Frater Mine and Cthulhu vs. the Vikings will show you how to plan and write a one-page story to get your hero (or villain) off to a champion start! First session is at 11 AM; second session at 12 PM.

But it doesn’t stop there!!

COMIC BOOK 103Jude Shingle brings it all how by teaching you how to layout a comic book page, fill your panels with action and dialogue, and finishing it off with ink. When you leave, you’ll have a comic book page of your own creation! First session is at 12 PM; second session at 1 PM.


Dagorhir – Described as “Where the Middle-ages meet Middle-Earth,” Dagorhir is a fast-paced, full-contact medieval-fantasy combat game. Fighters use “boffer,” foam padded weapons to maximize safety. Our easy to learn combat rules make Dagorhir something anyone 18 and over* can easily participate in. However, you don’t have to be a fighter to enjoy Dagorhir, as we are heavily social in addition to fighting and are a great space for non-combatants to explore all areas of creating a medieval-fantasy persona. Front Lawn, all day.
*Under 18 requires parental consent

In the Hirt Auditorium

10 AM – Adjust Your Tracking takes you back to the glory days of video stores and VHS by exploring the underground subculture of people who still love and cherish the format.

12 PM – Radio Rebooted Live (and in color!) – Tired of canned talk radio about news and sports? Meet the people of Radio Rebooted, an anything-goes comedy talk show centered on arts, entertainment, pop culture, and some diabolically risque conversation. We’ll be cracking jokes, hosting discussions on movies, video games, and the like, and even providing a few surprises. Small children are advised to play “earmuffs.”

2 PM – Lovecraft LIVE! is a new kind of theatrical experience which The GeekERIE is proud to present! Watch the in-studio shenanigans of a radio drama hosted by Mr. H. P. Lovecraft himself descend into madness and horror as they tell tales of the eldritch and occult to you, the listeners at home. Directed by Kate Copp and written by Sean McGrath.


All panels will take place in Room 219 in the south-east corner of the 2nd floor.

9:30 AM – The GeekERIE – Sure, you’ve heard of us. You’re at our Con today! But who are we and what are we doing for Erie? Sean McGrath and Nick Parrett talk about The GeekERIE’s goals, plans, dreams and what it all means for you.

10:30 AM – Mord McGhee – Mord will be reading a scene from OLD FLAMES AND HEROES which takes place INSIDE THE BLASCO PUBLIC LIBRARY! Maybe, if the weather permits, the reading can happen near the HMS NIAGARA, which is also featured in the scene. If you haven’t heard of this new book, where have you been? Besides featuring the Historic Niagara Seaway Trail including ERIE, PA, the coming of age novel is also in the running for a 2016 Newbery Medal and features a Foreword by Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum Loren Coleman.

11:30 AM – Quickstarter: How to use Crowdfunding to turn your Hobby into a Job – Ever thought that it would be great to be able to do what you love full time? You may be closer to that that you think! Come to this seminar to learn how to use crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to get started making this dream come true.

1 PM – Multiverse of Awesome – The Star Wars Ring Theory, which proposes that George Lucas used an ancient story composition style that dates back to Beowulf, when he made the Prequels. Lucas himself has never admitted to using a Ring Composition, which is why this is called a theory. However, the evidence is quite compelling, and will leave you with a new understanding and appreciation for what Lucas accomplished with the Prequels. Hosted by Andrew Copp.

2 PM – Beginners Guide To Armor Cosplay – Have you ever want to create your own suit of Halo armor? How about building your own Ironman suit? Come learn the beginning steps towards building cosplay suits of armor. This panel will cover the basics of Pepakura paper crafting, as well as EVA foam crafting, tools and supplies, and general safety. Open Q&A with 405th Division Member Benton Samec.

3 PM – Making your Cosplay with Risuru-Chan – Having trouble finding that costume you want in stores? Or, maybe you’re finding that Halloween is beginning to become quite expensive. Heck, maybe you just want to make a cool costume! Join local cosplayer Risuru-Chan as she shares some of her cosplay construction tips, tricks, and money-saving secrets! Feel free to bring questions! You can check her work out on her Facebook page or find her on Instagram.


Aaron Mueller’s Art and Design – CALLING ALL ART FANATICS! Want to see painting with a twist? Come see local artist Aaron Mueller create LIVE paintings with just a few cans of spray paint as well as display other great works of Art. Also, be sure to stick around for a chance to win a spray paint original!

ACTIONTOYMAN specializes in action figures, comics and collectables. With three floors of fun, every visitor is sure to find something for their collection or to inspire a childhood memory. We have items from the 60s through today. From science fiction and superheroes to wrestling and sports, we have action figures, comics and collectables from all genres. Each visitor is treated to the visual impact of the action figures, the feeling of a neighborhood comic shop and the waves of nostalgia of past toys and collections.

Adjust Your Tracking

All the Small Things – Specializing in cute and geeky art, All the Small Things has been selling at conventions for over ten years. Best known for chibi fandom themed magnets, the table also offers fanart and original prints, original comics, small handcrafted items …even sock puppets!

Books Galore

Hayley Bricker

Ryann Burke – Erie native, Ryann quickly learned the best way to escape from long winters was painting, cutting through her Steam library, and playing D&D. A passionate artist, she found herself deeply inspired by the beautiful worlds and bold characters brought to life through games of all kinds. She brings to the Con original, boldly colored paintings influenced by pop culture and gaming, including but not limited to, Pokemon, League Of Legends, D&D, and Kingdom Hearts. Prints and stickers will also be available. Stop by, share your campaign stories, and browse at Ryann’s first Con attendance in her hometown!

CMOS Collectibles has been in the superhero business for the last 20+ years buying and selling DC Comics Licensed Superhero memorabilia. We setup at 20 shows a year and you can check us out online at www.supercollectibles.com and browse our 2000+ different items we carry for sale. We have been featured in multiple TV shows on collecting and featured in books and documentary’s on Superman as well. We will be setup with several hundred items for sale at the show, so feel free to stop by, check it all out, talk Superheroes, etc. Follow us on Facebook!

Eerie Dolls Boutique

Extra-Life.org – Play games. Heal Kids! Extra Life is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program that empowers the gaming community to make a difference in the lives of local sick kids. Participants fundraise year-round and during a 24-hour gaming marathon each Fall. Getting involved is as easy as signing up online at extra-life.org. You can play from the comfort of your own home, playing any game you want.

Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $14 million for local CMN hospitals. Locally, Erie gamers have raised $15,000 to help sick kids at Saint Vincent Hospital!

Dee Fish is the creator, writer and artist for the fantasy/adventure graphic novel series, THE WELLKEEPER, the creator of the long running online comic strip, DANDY & COMPANY, and the co-creator and artist of the Hashtag Comics horror book CARPE NOCTEM. She has also worked on the comics ATOMIC ROBO, THE PERHAPANAUTS, PVP & THE MICE TEMPLAR. She will have copies of the Wellkeeper graphic novels, character prints and more and will be signing and drawing ORIGINAL art all day!

Forbidden Heroes

The GeekERIE – We’ll be here (of course!) talking about our mission, programs, events (like Erie Library Comic Con, Kristmas with Krampus) and 24 Hour Comics Day. Take a chance to win a Tower of Games!

Benjamin Lathrop – I’ve been doodling for quite a while, and now I want to share my work with you guys! I’ll have a combination of both original works and fanart for sale. Feel free to stop by, chat, and browse a selection of prints with designs and characters from your favorite games, as well as some of my own stuff!

Mord McGhee – Come say hello to Pittsburgh author Mord McGhee as seen in the Buffalo News this year here for his new novel (voted #7 Preditors and Editors Readers’ Choice Poll in January for 2015/16 Fantasy & Science Fiction Book of the Year), OLD FLAMES AND HEROES. Mord McGhee is a 2014 Poynter’s Science Fiction Medalist for his debut GHOSTS OF SAN FRANCISCO and 2014 horror novel MURDER RED INK (called by NYTimes best-seller Steve Alten, “Graphic, intense, and provocative”) was on the list of Reddit Horror Books of the Year.

S. A. McKay – Erie writer and artist, S.A. McKay, will be on site performing two of his works, “The Dragon & The Witch” and “The Dragon & The Witch: SNOW DAY!!!” For all of the adults out there who still have magic and love in their hearts, you won’t want to miss this! Friendly for all-ages. Stop by his table to meet him, and check out his prints, works, and other writings! AND as a special bonus, Scott will be in the Children’s Library at 1 PM reading from his book!

Nonlocal Science Fiction – A science fiction magazine published right here in Erie, PA? Really? Yes, really. Nonlocal Science Fiction launched on Super Pi Day (3/14/15) after a successful Kickstarter campaign and published four issues full of sci-fi goodness throughout 2015. Featuring short stories by standout indie authors from all corners of the U.S. and the globe, Nonlocal delivers fantastic stories that span the galaxy and explore the deepest reaches of the human mind. Owner/editor Dan Dombrowski will be on hand selling print copies of the brand new 2015 Collection, an anthology of every story from the first four issues of Nonlocal Science Fiction. Stop by our table for a free digital copy of Issue #1!

Radio Rebooted: the Booth! – Ryan Maloney is the host of anything-goes comedy/arts/entertainment talk show Radio Rebooted, and now he’s setting up shop on the show floor to interview attendees, fellow booth-holders, and even guests from shows’ past. If you’re ready to partake firsthand in some hilariously tasteless conversation and win some fun prizes in the process, stop by and chat with us!

Ramone Outlaw and Germaine Cabbagehead – Have you ever met Ramone L. Outlaw? Well, if you haven’t don’t be shy! Stop by his table and chat with him. Ramone is a really cool dude and also a local author/illustrator of the children’s book series Germaine Cabbagehead! This will be Ramone and Germaine’s first appearance at Comic Con and they are both very excited to be part of it. All three books will be on sale for $10 each and will be personally signed and free posters will be given away to the first 20 buyers. He can’t wait to meet you all!

Retrocade Erie

Richelle’s Therapy

Robot Zero Comics

Sources And Methods Games makes many unique titles including everything from the family friendly word game, Widget, deeply strategic eldritch horror meets ancient warriors mash-up, Cthulhu vs. the Vikings! Stop by and check out our games! Be sure to ask to see some of the art coming in the second issue of Cthulhu vs. the Vikings!

Stellar Comics Group

Squishy Productions – A couple of crafters and artist making a variety of creations from pillows to dice bags to Pokemon hats. If you’re in a fandom chances are they’ve got something for you. We also have a fast-growing Youtube channel where we use audio from popular players like The Game Grumps and Jesse Cox to make puppet shows!

Super Awesome Comics – Benjamin Anthony brings his self-published comics, books, ‘zines, original art and (maybe) some video for Erie to behold!


USS Crystal Point – USS Crystal Point is a Star Trek Fan Club based in Erie. We are the Flagship of Fleet 31, an International Star Trek Based Service and Cosplay organization. In addition to meeting monthly, we attend Con’s in the tri-state area, devote time to local causes, and host a monthly Trivia Night at Scully’s Tavern. We are always on the lookout for die hard fans as well as those who have a passing interest and are looking to have fun and give back!

Mark Welser

World War Games and Distractions


The exquisite Erie Movie House will host a showing the terrifying puppet-based take on the worst movie ever: Manos, the Hands of Felt! See Torgo, the satyr! Meet the most hapless of doomed vacationers! Wonder at the mysterious Master! The movie starts at 8 PM, post-ELCC. Tickets are $5; it’s BYOB and make sure you bring quarters for the Ultracade!


Dina of Disney, Gina of First Second, Peter Saenz, Northwest Press, David Berger and Alyssa of B&N for their donations to our reading baskets!

Erin McCracken and Marcy Hall of the Blasco Library.

Mark Welser

Friends of the Library

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