Like Gaming? Here’s how to do it right!

April 30 is International Tabletop Day, and if you didn’t know, Geek & Sundry Head Geek Wil Wheaton sums up one’s social obligations while you’re out meeting new people and games (in any situation, really) very neatly: “Don’t be a dick.”

However, coming from an education background, I understand that might not be explicit enough. I mean, one can say “Don’t be a dick”, but what does not being a dick look like? How should one behave to not be a dick?

Luckily, there’s lovely image which quite explicitly spells out how to not be a dick (click for the large version):

the_gamer_s_guide_to_good_behaviour_by_rdigby-d8tsy6b small

It’s not mine, but I’m sure creator Robert Digby would want you to pass it along.

Good Gaming, all!

Graphics credit to Robert Digby.

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