EVENT: Krampus & Kompany


Every December 5th, Saint Nicholas trots the globe, giving gifts to good boys and girls to find in their shoes the following morning


did you know he travels with the demon Krampus, who punishes bad boys and girls by whipping them with his hazel switch and trowing the truly nasty children into his basket to drag to Hell and drown in a lake of black ink?

Did you also know that Krampi haunt the villages of Bavaria in well-attended festivals designed to scare kids good?

Well, guess what! The GeekERIE is bringing this tradition to Erie! We did it last year and had a blast, so there’s no sense in stopping now.

Join us on December 5th from 3 PM to 8 PM as St. Nick and Krampus stalk the neighborhoods (and bars because it’s winter and we’ll need fortifying) of Erie looking to reward the good and punish the bad! In fact, we insist you join us DRESSED AS YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY MONSTER!!

Oh yes, there’s more than one Winter Monster in the world.

Find your monster below and RSVP for the event. Details as to where and how will emerge as we get closer to December.

* Klausentreiben

* Perchta

* Ursul

* Jólakötturinn

* The Yule Lads

* Caganer

* Julbock

* Kohoutek and the Children of God

* Others I’m sure I’ve missed which I welcome you to post about below.

America just isn’t keeping The Good Old Days of Winter Can Kill You alive like they do in Europe so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start planning now to be part of a new and lovely tradition.

P.S. Unless you yourself are black, don’t show up as Zwarte Piet. I’m hesitant to even draw attention to this lest some jerk do it just to be contrary, but I also don’t want to think there’s tacit approval of blackface. #SorryNotSorry

P.P.S. Invite your friends!

P.P.P.S. Our meeting place is TBD at this time.

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