EVENT: Erie Library Comic Con 2018

Continuing our two-days of celebrating Geek Culture and literacy, The GeekEIRE and the Erie County Public Library present Erie Library Comic Con 2018!

Check out the poster by Mark Welser! A t-shirt based on this design will be available for purchase!

MAY 18
COS-PROM at the Blasco Library! Cos-Prom is the place to be the night before the ELCC proper. Cosplay your favorite character from pop culture, anime, comic books, or wherever you like. Just do it. We will provide the music, fun and more!

This is a free, family event for all ages hosted by the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) and the Friends of the Erie County Public Library.

MAY 19


All the Small Things
Barnes & Noble
Black Unicorn Wood
Books Galore
Death Dealer Productions
Eerie Dolls Boutique
Edinboro Potterfest
Erie Makerspace
Extra Life
Fallout Gaming
Firekin Studio
Little Black Cat Resin
Nick Caruso’s Gaming Table
Okie Dokie
Richelle’s Therapy
Robot Zero Toys
RPW Pro Wrestling of Erie
Squishy Productions
Todd Sanders is a game designer and book publisher who lives in Pittsburgh. Recent games include: IUNU, They Who Were 8, Pulp Detective (forthcoming) and Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden (forthcoming). He is very active in the Print and Play community on BoardGameGeek where he is most know for his redesign of Barbarian Prince.
USS Crystal Point
Wands by Doug Mellors


Mark Welser
Aaron Mueller
Dee Fish
Eerie Eric
Whistlefish Creations
Franklin O’Neal
John Flemming

Second Floor

Room 219
Dungeons & Dragons – Each D&D demo will walk you through a short journey using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. These events are made for people who are new to Role Playing Games so no experience is required, although experienced RPG players are welcome! Be ready for adventure and excitement, as plenty will be waiting around every corner! Demos take roughly 2 hours and are limited to 7 players per demo. Signups for each day’s demo will start that morning so make sure to sign up and secure your spot! Sessions are at 10, 1030, and 130.

12 – 3 PM – Paint & Take miniatures – Come pick out a miniature, sit down, and learn how to paint it! Experienced miniature painters will be on hand to give you advice and help. Whether you are looking to pick up some new tips to take your painting to the next level, or a beginner looking to learn the first steps to painting miniatures, you are sure to walk away from this session a better miniature painter than before. This will be an informative and fun event. You even get to leave with a newly painted miniature to start or add to your collection! Cost is $5.

In the Zone Cards and Games, established in 2014, is the place for gaming in Ashtaubla. They offer nightly events in various games, weekly Magic the Gathering and Pokemon tournaments, and supply North East Ohio with a variety of board games. They also are also a popular place for D&D adventures and for friends to meet. Whether it’s to play competitively, restock on gaming supplies, or play any of their many demo board games, In The Zone is the place to be! Hosted games include Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Ascension, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Boss Monster, Catan, Civilization, Codenames, Evolution, Forbidden Desert, Imperial Assault, King of Tokyo, Legendary, Machi Koro, Munchkin, Pandemic, Smallworld, Smash Up, Zombicide, and more

World War Games and Distractions


The GeekERIE – We’ll be here welcoming everyone as well as offering two activities:

All day – Dungeon Slam – You have one page and five rooms to create a D&D/Pathfinder adventure! Up for the challenge? All participants will get a free book of the finished dungeons!

12 PM – Exquisite Corpse: Poetry though Nonsense – Not great at poetry? Come play this absurdist parlor game with us and see what beauty can be made with friends and strangers.

We’ll also have 50/50 tickets, book baskets for kids (tickets are free for kids!), as well as raffles for other geeky items!

Archery Encounters

Admiral room
Retrocade Erie

Community Classroom

10 AM – Superhero JEOPARDY! presented by Abby Zielinski, Mark Zielinski, Brandon Levesque and Books Galore – Think you know all things superhero? Come on down and test your heroic knowledge. Volunteers form the audience will come and play as our three lucky contestants! Don’t worry audience you can play along too, just don’t shout out any answers! Will you get the answers with ease or will some questions be your Kryptonite?

1 PM PANEL: History of Dungeons & Dragons

2 PM PANEL: Women in RPGs

3 PM PANEL: Politics in Geekery

Hirt Auditorium

10 AM – Slaughter Films presents Monsters are Real! The magic of Ray Harryhausen’s movies are discussed with the love they deserve, followed by a showing of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.

1 PM – Cosplay Costume Contest!

230 PM – Satanic Panic! A double-feature of Dungeons & Dragons slander that caused a generation’s parents to burn their rulebook! Come see Mazes & Monsters and Zombie Orpheus‘s Dark Dungeons! Free Chick tracts given out to attendees!

Peninsula Room
Slim and Red

PODCAST: BAD Mitten Studio

Cartooning with Melissa Sullivan

Children’s Library

Locations TBA
PANEL: Pro Wrestling in Erie, PA
LECTURE: H. P. Lovecraft and the Origins of the Necronomicon with The Paranormal Pastor
LECTURE: Japanese Robot Models with Elizabeth Lukjanczuk


The Big Cheese Food Truck
Curry Point

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  • Robert Reno

    Looking forward to it!

  • Melissa Sullivan Shimek

    Nice! I’ll actually be doing something on drawing fluency and comics. Not so much animation- just so no one is confused. -Melissa Sullivan-Shinek

    • Tammy Blount

      Hi. We will have the description on the library program that you give us. Thanks again Melissa!

      • Melissa Sullivan Shimek

        I’ll be sure to get it to you tomorrow! Thanks, Tammy