When we put out a call for teens to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons last October, we didn’t imagine that it would still be going almost a year later, but that’s exactly what happened! Every other Saturday, adventurers meet to face down monsters and wizards in the land of Illyria -well, Sean’s group does, anyway- and generally have a pretty swell time.

The name “Illyria” is taken from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (also borrowed by Joss Whedon in Season Five of Angel for the God King of the Primordial Demons that hollowed out then lived in much-beloved Fred), a favorite play of The GeekERIE. It seemed fitting to draw in Shakespeare’s make-believe country for our role-playing exploits.

We will most likely be opening up space for new participants and DMs in the next month or so. Keep an eye out for an announcement or send us an email and you’ll be added to our “contact first” list.

Also, If you’d like to use one of our D&D Character Cover Sheets, there are two styles here for you to download:

D&D Character Cover Sheet

Dungeon-like D&D Character Cover Sheet

Happy gaming!

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