Eerie Nights Theatre


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The GeekERIE is thrilled to be bringing Drafthouse Films’ SPRING to Erie for two showings on August 27 and 29. Described as “Linklater meets Lovecraft”, SPRING follows the on-the-lam Evan to Italy, where he meets a beautiful young woman with an ugly secret.

The August 27 showing will be at Bobby’s Place on the corner of West 18th and Cranberry. The film will start as soon as it’s dark enough outside, but come early to enjoy a few beers, some live music (we’re working ion this part…) and see our plush mascot, Jibberbun, for the first time! Cover is $8.

The Erie Movie House hosts our second showing on August 29. If you haven’t been, go and treat yourself! Come early and play the Ultracade! Admission is $8.

This is our first Eerie Nights Theatre event, and no matter what, we’ll be doing more in the future. Who doesn’t like horror?

We Have Pictures! #ELCC

If you have any pictures you’d like to share from Erie Library Comic Con, please feel free to send them to me at or just add them in the comments section.

It was a GREAT day! Many many MANY thanks to all the conventioneers who showed up to make the day great! You all are amazing and awesome!

If You’re Schlepping About Erie…

…and you see this:


Please send a mental thank you note -as I alone will never be able to attain the appropriate level of gratitude- to Matt Texter and Chris Avondet of LAMAR Advertising for donating billboard space to The GeekERIE, Nick Parrett and Cynthia Aikley for liaising, and Mark Welser for making another kick-ass graphic fr us!

If you want to find a billboard and send in a picture, Matt says

Right now it’s on our board on I-90 east of rt 99 on the west facing panel, I also put it on our board in Ashtabula, Ohio (why not?!) on Rt 20 at the Fairgrounds Rd. Then it will start running on May 4 on our panel on I79 south of west 26th on the side facing south, and the other will start on 5/11 at 16th and Peach St facing south.

I’ll be heading out tomorrow morning to find one.

THANK YOU x ∞ !!

CHALLENGE: Wonder Woman’s NEW Costume


I love Wonder Woman.



Definitely not as much as some people coughPhilJimenezcoughcough* but I love what she has stood for: equality, peace, strength, and love. Yeah, she’s kicked ass, but she’s not about terrorizing evil like Batman does, and while she and Superman are about par on compassion (well… traditionally. Mostly. It’s complicated.), Diana, in the right hands, has a complexity and depth about her that Kal can’t quite plumb.**

Which comes to the problem with David Finch’s and J Scott Campbell’s re-designs above for th current incarnation of Wonder Woman: who is this person?

Diana’s costume has been tied to her origins and purpose. The original “bathing suit” and/or skirt was an allegiance to the US during WWII and to make a statement on false female modesty/female power.

George Perez’s Diana came as a tribute to Diana Trevor’s uniform after she died defending Themyscira from the Hordes of Hades.

Even –Lord spare us!– in her I-Ching phase, Diana’s mod clothes were a reflection of her boutique fashionista identity.

But to the best of my knowledge, Nu52 Diana’s origin and mission has never been explained. We don’t know why she’s here and I don’t think we know how she got here. Given that appalling lack of information, in my mind, no costume will make sense for her. Why are designers married to those colors? Who made the costume? What material is it? Is there a connection to Amazon culture which ranges in tech and civilization somewhere between Lord of the Flies and Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death? Diana is an enigma, a cipher no one has yet bothered to explore, so I’m calling on you to tell us who Diana is.

Here’s the challenge: come up with Diana’s backstory for the Nu-52 and design her a costume that matches that story. The color scheme, the symbols are all up to you. The only condition is that the tiara, lasso and bracelet have to stay. Regalia rules.

Give me a few hours, and I’ll have my submission up. In the meantime, Send me yours, and I’ll post it.

* No slight to Phil, of course. He is a bottomless font of knowledge and thoughtfulness on the subject of Diana.

** Again, this is my opinion, and I’m certainly open to hearing yours.


UPDATE: Michael Santana says, “I ‘drew’ this in MS Paint a while back. It’s fairly traditional, with a few tweaks–mostly notably, the shoulder armor. My reason for adding the armor was in anticipation for Wonder Woman’s appearance in a live-action venue. To me, Diana should have some muscle on her, but most actresses seem either to be unwilling to put on enough, or they’re encouraged not to. As a workaround, I thought the shoulder armor would add an appropriate appearance of size and strength. I know a lot of people hate the idea of additional armor, but I thought it could be a reasonable compromise.”


UPDATE II: Daniel emails us, “Okay, here is my thought. We know Steve Trevor discovered Themyscira and Diana brought him back. Previous origins like the animated movie depict Amazons in the colors of the nations they visit, and yet somehow they made a bathing suit. I posit that Diana was tasked with returning Steve and a set of armor based on Amazon culture in US colors so we wouldn’t be threatened was designed. We still don’t know the origin of bracelets or lasso, so I will go with the gods gifted them to the amazons and whoever acts as champion wields them.

My redesign is intended to look Greek and look like traditional Wonder Woman:

All accent colors are gold.

Tiara: more Greek looking

No earrings.

Cape: short and white with gold trim

Hair: mid length

Top: a hard linen red piece of atom with a stylized metal eagle breastplate to honor Zeus. Like Alexandrian era armor, it’s held on by shoulder straps instead of her breasts. The cape attaches to those straps.

Belt: a sword belt, with Athena’s owl on the belt buckle. Her thigh strap is stupid so that’s going. The lasso has a hook on the belt.

Bottom: white skirt to mid thigh. She wears whatever undergarments are appropriate. Over the skirt are blue leather kirtles with white stars and metal tips. Most of Diana’s armors over the years involved kirtles, but against bare skin which would hurt the wearer. These are shorter than the skirt.

Bracelets: larger, Byrne era.

Feet: Greek sandals (I suck at drawing feet). She wears red& white greaves to protect her shins in the traditional pattern

[Image source, Image Source]

ERIE LIBRARY COMIC CON Schedule (99.9999999% confirmed)

LCC11x17 small

May 16, 2015
Blasco Public Library
9 AM to 5 PM



9:30 AM Comic Book Jeopardy! Can you answer the tivialest of comic book trivia? Find out as you match wits against fellow aficionados led by your host.

11 AM William Castle Tribute – Slaughter Film, those local horror guys, present the life and movies of the Father of Interactive Cinema

2 PMStripped!” – In rare interviews, your favorite cartoonists open up about their work in the strip business.


10 AM Quickstarter, Your Dreams and the Local Economy with Kris Wheaton – Local Kickstarter Boss talks about making games and comics, and keeping production local while crowdfunding from all over.

11:30 AM Mord McGhee and Chet Gottfried of Tatersquatch Press read from their latest YA novels!

1 PM Positivity in Comics Fandom with The Multiverse of Awesome – Why are fans so negative? Who cares! Let’s talk about what we love!


10 AM /11:15 AM Comic Book 101 (sessions 1 and 2) – Designing a Character – Ever
thought about making a comic book of your own? You can get the ball rolling with our mini-workshops! Ron Maras leads participants through the creation of their own original comic book characters.
Location: 2nd Floor Atrium

11:15 AM/12:30 PM Comic Book 102 (sessions 1 and 2) – Writing a StoryJoshua Lucas shows participants how to write a one-page story with the characters they created in the 101 session.
Location: Computer Training Room

12:30 PM/1:45 PM Comic Book 103 (sessions 1 and 2) – Laying-out a PageJude Shingle finishes off our Intro to Creating a Comic Book by teaching participants about the six-panel layout and other variations.
Location: 2nd Floor Atrium


10 AM – 4:30 PM Warhammer 40,000 Tournament hosted by Game Corps. Registration starts at 10 AM and the cost is $15. The tournament will begin at 10:30. This will be 1500 points Highlander style.
Location: Second floor

10 AM – 4:30 PM Gaming Demos – Dice Masters with Al Rivera, and Sentinels of the Multiverse with Eric Perotti and Scott Mellon.
Location: Second floor

9 AM – 5 PM Retrocade Erie – WAAAAAY before your Angry Birds and blu-ray consoles, home video games were just blips and boxes on a TV screen, but without these, you’d be playing Jax on the sidewalk still. Come for a look back at electronic entertainment’s history.
Location: Second floor

The GeekERIE
Action Toyman
Books Galore
Mark Welser
Sources & Methods Games
Game Corps
Box of Light Studios
World War Games and Distractions
Super Awesome Comics
Mord McGhee and Chet Gottfried of Tatersquatch Press
Chris Adelhardt
Hayley Bricker
Ben T. Steckler
Friends of the USS Crystal Point


Many MANY thanks go out to

Marcy Hall
Erin McCracken
Mark Welser
Nick Parrett
Cynthia Aikley
Matt Texter
PJ Hambrick
Dave Crawford
Dina Sherman
Gina Gagliano
Alyssa Atkinson
David Berger
ActionToy Man
Bryan Toy
Mr. Saggio

…more to come as people scold me for my faulty memory…

EVENT: Teen Reading Lounge


This coming Wednesday, March 18, The Erie County Public Library will host the initial meeting of Teen Reading Lounge which promises to be an exciting few weeks of good books and hanging out in the library. I know I’m looking forward to reading and discussing and doing activities around the three democratically-chosen books.

If you’re planning on coming, get a preview of the books below and come ready to vote for your top favorites and eat pizza!

Wednesday. 6 PM. Blasco Library. Be there!

TRL Reading list

SEARCH FOR A HOME – Neither Here Nor There


Once in a while, I’ll see buildings around Erie that I imagine would not only be good working spaces, but also good spaces to share with other organizations. When that happens, I pull my car to the side of the road and take a quick picture to consider in depth when I’m not distracted by traffic laws and other drivers. These are some such discoveries that have the benefit of spaciousness and probably haunted.

SEARCH FOR A HOME – 111 West 11th Street


Whenever I drive around Erie, I look for buildings in which I can see The GeekERIE finding a home and settling in for a good run of helping kids and adults learn to love reading and writing. Of course, all I have to barter for space with are my internal organs, and -for now!- I’d like to hold onto those.

Still, when I saw the old AKD Printing building -a company I know nothing about and, really, a building I can’t for the life of me remember noticing before- I felt that there was something perfect about taking over a space that was once a printer’s and that might one day print comic books.

Also, it looks haunted, which is a bonus.

I’ve written the owner and asked for an opportunity to go inside and take pictures. If he says yes, expect an update!

LIBRARY COMIC CON has Four-Color Art

LCC11x17 small

Mark Welser, local talent and all around wiseguy, has created the poster for Library Comic Con, and .. WELL, JUST LOOK AT IT! What more could we ask for? Nothing. Which is not to say we won’t use him again, because we will. Lots of times.

If you want to own a Mark Welser print -and you know you do!- check out his Etsy store.

Thank you, Mark!!

Pickman’s Model Cast List!


I’m very pleased to announce the cast for The GeekERIE’s performance of Lovecraft Live: Pickman’s Model.

Lovecraft – Adam Holquist
Thurber – Dylan Lane
Wilmarth – Sean McGrath
Pickman – Finu Lukose
Mercy – Cynthia Aikey
Eliot – Eric Linster
Dyer – Diana Schultz
Pabodie – Adam Holquist
Armitage – JR Snyder
Helen – ???
Delany – JR Snyder
Wilbur – Diana Schultz
Fangirl – Diana Schultz
Peasey – Diana Schultz

I still need an African-American woman for Helen. If you know someone who would like to be a part of this and matches this description, please send her my way.

Rehearsals start next week, and I am thrilled to be working with this cast to bring this piece to life. I guarantee, Erie hasn’t seen anything like this in recent memory.

EVENT: The Intergalactic Nemesis


If you haven’t seen nor even heard of The Intergalactic Nemesis, you have missed out on a truly transmedia event: comic books, music, live actors, and foley effects combine to make a unique evening of theatre that will not only entertain but inspire.

But guess what!

You don’t have to miss out anymore! TIN is coming to Erie in a few short weeks, and thanks to the folks of Mercyhurst University, it’s as affordable as it’s going to get. Mention “Target Earth” when you call for tickets and they’re yours for $15 each. This offer is only good till January 28, so make those reservations now!

AUDITIONS: Lovecraft Live

As part of our Library Comic Con event, The GeekERIE will be doing a staged reading of our adaptation of H P Lovecraft’s “Pickman’s Model”. Which means we need actors and actresses! Which means AUDITIONS!

WHEN: January 28 and 29 at 6 PM
WHERE: Blasco Library, second floor meeting room
WHAT: Audition materials will be provided
WHO: 10 men and 3 women (at least one African-American woman because I don’t want to whitewash the role)

You can read HPL’s original “Pickman’s Model” to familiarize yourself with the characters with the understanding that this is an adaptation, so there’s extra-textual material. If you’re really into research, read “The Call of Cthulhu“, “The Dunwich Horror” and “At the Mountains of Madness” to get a sense of Lovecraft’s world.

The date of the performance is Sunday, May 17. This will be the only performance, so we’re looking at no more than 6 rehearsals.

Please email me (Sean McGrath) at to reserve a time. If you are not available during the posted audition times, email me anyway and we’ll work something out.



The Most Important Tweet EVER…

LCC official

I spoke with Marcy Hall of the Erie County Public Library today and I can officially announce that Library Comic Con is an actualy thing that will be happening in Erie on May 16-17, 2015. We’re setting a schedule now, but I can say that the event will kick off with Hero Prom Saturday night! So, dust of your favorite tights and come ready to dance at this all-ages costumed extravaganza!

If you’re on the Book of Faces, click here to accept this event invitation and get updates as they happen. Invite your friends, too!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

SEARCH FOR A HOME – 1020 Holland Street


This is probably completely premature, but I have poor impulse control and the space was too gorgeous to pass up a tour of (Thank you, Mr. Johnson!). Could you see live performances on the stage of our superhero shows? Horror? Can you see the workshop space? The LCS? The coffee shop? I can, and it’s loverly!!

What do you think?


In this holiday season, you may find yourself becoming a bit fubsy what with all the invitations to go out and imbibe cheering spirits with friends or consume more than your fair share of stuffed goose with a tart plum sauce and all the trimmings.  This is what Winter is all about, right? Fattening ourselves up to survive the frigid, lean times and the growing darkness until Spring sets us back on our diets again.

Take Mr. Creosote, for example:

Of course, saying Mr. Creosote is fubsy is like saying the Chicago Fire of 1871 was just a little incendiary accident; it’s understatement bordering on tragic misuse.  However, my brain is too dull from turkey and pie to really think of a better comparison. So there. Fubsy.

WORD CANDY: Squamous


It’s probably my recent fascination with all things H. P Lovecraft that accounts for today’s word, squamous, which means, more or less, “scaly” when referring to the texture of something’s skin.  It’s used to describe skin cells compromised by carcinoma as well as the once-flesh of the Deep Ones.  It’s unpleasant either way.

[Image from XombiDirge (which provides a horrifying translation of what the Deep One is saying]

Pittsburgh Pod Races: The Podcast II

The Nerd Exchange of Western Pennsylvania has posted their recording of the Pittsburgh Pod Races from a few weeks ago, and it’s just as hysterical as McSoss‘ and just as inappropriate for delicate ears; it is, after all the same podcast, but with audio effects.


And I obviously figured out the embedding problem. Duh, Tricia!


Word Candy is our new feature that showcases underused words which should be made a part of your vocabulary as soon as possible, like today’s word: haimish.  Yiddish in origin, haimish means “homey”, “comfortable”, “a place I feel I belong” or “this is a person I could have a drink with”. It sort of explains this guy’s name, right?



OK, I don’t know how if Haymitch is all that haimish, but there would definitely be drinks if you met him.

Pittsburgh Pod Races: The Podcast

I’m going to start off with a warning: this is not a cute debate that you can listen to with your kids as you make Rice Krispie Treats for Halloween next week.  Even if you’re making popcorn balls, I suggest you keep your children’s unbesmirched ears clear of this obviously mature (yet fun!) and contentious (yet fun!) parley of Marvel (represented by The Nerd Exchange of Western Pennsylvania) vs. DC (here in the persons of Mc$oss).

[Sorry. The embedding is not working, so until I figure it out, click here for the audio.]

Enjoy and let us know which side you fall down on!

UPDATE: 24 Hour Comics Day (Food!)

Tim Vickey of Next Chapters has very generously donated drinks and pizza to the event, which is amazing of him.  We’re going local, so don’t expect Li’l Caesars or any chain pizza like that.

I’m still working on the rest of the menu, but right now I’m thinking:

  • Deli meats with homemade pretzel rolls for lunch on Saturday
  • Chips
  • Peppermint Patty brownies and/or pumpkin roll for some sugar rush
  • Coffee (of course) and juices
  • And take-out from Dominick’s for Sunday breakfast

Of course, if anyone would like to donate food to feed the artist’s with, they would not be turned down.


EVENT: 24 Hour Comics Day

SMALLposter 2

The GeekERIE’s third annual 24 Hour Comics Day event is almost upon us!  We’ll be returning to our wonderful hosts with the wonderful space at Box of Light Studios (in whose honor our graphic this year is a LEGO Mona Lisa) for our day-of-nothing-to-do-except-create-comics the weekend of October 18 and 19.

If you’ve never participated before and want to know what to expect or are just curious about what happens in these 24 hours, here’s what you need to know: participants work individually (but we’re not against teams) to create his or her (or their) own 24-page comic; that’s planning, drawing, inking and lettering (coloring, too, if you’re some sort of wizard or something).  Food, drinks and snacks will be provided (though we’re not above donations) as will nap space and wifi (priorities, people!).  In essence, we’ll take care of all your needs so that you don’t have to worry about anything except your comic book.

There is no age limit for participants, but if you’re under 18, we’ll need your parents permission for you to stay (a note will be fine), and if you’re under 12, your parents will have to stay with you the whole time you’re there.  We don’t expect the younger kids to stay for the full 24 hours. however long they stay and whatever they finish, we will happily put into the annual publication.

Please RSVP to and include your name (obviously) and t-shirt size (which will probably be $10 each).

Thanks and can’t wait to see you there!