CONTEST: Create Our Mascot!

The GeekERIE needs your help!

Every good company needs a mascot as its friendly public face (and no one want to look at me for too long), so as part of our Get-The-Community-Involved mission, I’m asking anyone and everyone to participate in our Create Our Mascot contest!

The entries will be judged by our panel of experts, and the best one will win its creator $100 and a plushie of his or her creation!  There’s no age limit, so really anyone can enter.

Download the entry form here – Create a Mascot – and mail as many entries as you like to us. If you have any questions, please ask.  Looking forward to submissions!



EVENT: Automatic Comics

automatic comics full

The GeekERIE and the Erie County Public Library will present two comics jams for kids 8 to 16 on September 15 and October 20.  We’ll start at 6 PM sharp!  There are only 30 spaces per jam, so reservations are appreciated.  Call 451-6927 to sign up.  Any questions can go to Marcy Hall at or 451-6959.

If you’re unfamiliar with a comics jam, it’s a round-robin story telling activity that pits creators against the clock.  It looks a bit like this:

  • Teams of three,  up to ten teams.  It’s unlikely that if you come with people that you’ll stay with them.   Everyone is going to make new friends this night.
  • Teams will have five minutes to create a character who will star in their strip.  It doesn’t have to be a superhero; it doesn’t have to even be a person!
  • Then the round-robin storytelling begins!  Each team member will have seven minutes to create a panel to begin the story.  At the end of seven minutes, the page will be passed to the next person who will have seven minutes to continue the story. This goes on until all team members have gone twice and six panels have been created.

Forty-two minutes is not a lot of time to get a story “perfect”, but a perfect story isn’t the point.  The point is that a story happened, created by people working together, and that is beautiful.

With the permission of the creators’ parents, The GeekERIE will print all the comic strips into a book and donate a copy to the library.  How cool will it be for kids to see their work as part of the library’s collection, and to own that character officially? Yes, copyright will belong to the creators!  Parents can order their own copy as well, to show off to friends and relatives.


ERIE FILM FANATICS: Music Documentary Night



This Friday, August 22, Erie Film Fanatics will be hosting Music Documentary Night at 7 PM, featuring The Beatles – Making of Sergeant PepperPink Floyd – Behind The Wall and The Story Of Metal. 

The event is FREE, but come on, kick down $5 so they can keep having nights like this in Basement Transmissions‘ awesome new digs at 145 West 11th Street.

It’s going to be a long night of movies, so concessions will be available.

Big Ear Records will be open throughout the event!

Get yourself there!

UPDATED: There is now a Zombie Movie Night on August 29!

Please Pardon Our Fiat Lux

Welcome to The GeekERIE, Erie’s first (probably everywhere’s first) Geek Community-based non-profit (pending IRS approval)!

With all the upcoming events, I decided it was well past time to get out of park, and give us an official presence of the web.  Plus, I already had business cards made up that reference this site (thanks, Alice!).  No sense in being coy anymore, right?



Within the next few days, the site design will change or vanish or not depending on how much coffee I’ve had and how much I need to think about what comes next (I plan to have Epic Web Studios eventually take over this job so I can get more into the planning aspect of the org).   By tomorrow, the announcement of our first event will be in place, so please come back!