EVENT: Erie Library Comic Con 2019

Mark your calendars now! THE Con is back for its FIFTH year, bringing you the best of Pop Culture and Community. As always, it’s FREE! Tell your friends and family!

Here’s what’s on board!

Mark Welser
Tom Scioli
Aaron Mueller’s Art and Design
Neko Deadpool
Pixel & Frills
Eerie Eric Artwork
Whistlefish Creations
Jen-chan Productions
Black Unicorn Wood
Addie French of the Scarlet Society

Main Lobby
ECPL Welcome Table (registration, raffles, Costume Contest sign-up)
The GeekERIE (natch…game and comic book raffles, book grab bags, book basket raffle, t-shirt sales)
11 AM – 1 PM: Slim & Red

Hirt Auditorium
11 AM – 12 PM: Geek Out Game Show
12 PM – 1 PM: REVENGE Pro Wrestling panel
1 PM – 2 PM: My Hero Academia panel
230 PM – 3 PM: Costume Contest pre-judging
3 PM – 315 PM: Costume Contest Group Performances
315 PM – 4 PM: Winners announcements!

Admiral Room
11 AM – 3 PM – Miniature Painting
11 AM – Magic the Gathering free demo deck
11 AM – Pokémon Trading Card free premade deck event
2 PM – Magic the Gathering War of the Spark Pre-release Event ($25)
230 PM – Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Pre-release ($25)

Idea Lab
10 AM – 11 AM: Intro to Writing Workshop

Community Classroom
10 AM – 11 AM: Black Mirror/Electric Dream panel
11 AM – 12 PM: Role-Playing Games with Kids
1 PM – 230 PM: Kirby, an Overview of His Life and Work with Tom Scioli

Collaboratory 101
9 AM – 3 PM: Escape Room Challenge

Collaboratory 102
9 AM – 3 PM: Fandom Find-It Challenge

Teen Space
10 AM – 12 PM: Teen Zine Workshop
1230 PM – 130 PM: Teen Fandom Fight Club
2PM – 4 PM: Slim & Red

Children’s Library
Cityscape Superhero Picture Op
“Are these the droids you’re looking for?” Scavenger Hunt
Star Wars Mad-Libs stations

Children’s Storytime Room
Star Wars Stations
Star War cartoons
Photos with the 501st Legion

Second Floor
10 AM – 3 PM: ALL THE GAMING with In the Zone Cards, Fallout Gaming, KW Designs and Griffons Lair Game Shop!!
1 PM: Dungeons & Dragons Demo

Heritage Room
11 AM – 12 PM: The History Behind Rurouni Kenshin

Bitter-Sweet and Smol
Books Galore
Death Dealer Productions
Doug’s Basement Workshop
Eerie Roller Girls
Hazard Con
Jennifer Schanfish
John Fleming
Larry Walczak
Little Black Cat Resin
Okie Dokie Geek
Play Port
Raven Candle Company
Revenge Pro Wrestling
Robot Zero Comics
Squishy Productions
Undercover Geek by Richelle’s Therapy Jewelry and Art

Chas Klawuhn -Arcadia Timelords
John Fleming – Costumes and props
Mark Welser – Comic Con Poster Series
Benton Samec- Gyspy Danger

And, of course, FOOD TRUCKS
Kona Shaved Ice
Curry Point
A Waffle Miracle
Fat Boy Phillys

Drunk Origin Stories at The Erie Movie House

T-shirts pre-order has closed. We will have shirts available for purchase at the Con, but quantities are limited.

So excited for another great Con!! See you there!


When we put out a call for teens to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons last October, we didn’t imagine that it would still be going almost a year later, but that’s exactly what happened! Every other Saturday, adventurers meet to face down monsters and wizards in the land of Illyria -well, Sean’s group does, anyway- and generally have a pretty swell time.

The name “Illyria” is taken from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (also borrowed by Joss Whedon in Season Five of Angel for the God King of the Primordial Demons that hollowed out then lived in much-beloved Fred), a favorite play of The GeekERIE. It seemed fitting to draw in Shakespeare’s make-believe country for our role-playing exploits.

We will most likely be opening up space for new participants and DMs in the next month or so. Keep an eye out for an announcement or send us an email and you’ll be added to our “contact first” list.

Also, If you’d like to use one of our D&D Character Cover Sheets, there are two styles here for you to download:

D&D Character Cover Sheet

Dungeon-like D&D Character Cover Sheet

Happy gaming!

EVENT: Erie Library Comic Con 2018

Continuing our two-days of celebrating Geek Culture and literacy, The GeekEIRE and the Erie County Public Library present Erie Library Comic Con 2018!

Check out the poster by Mark Welser! A t-shirt based on this design will be available for purchase!

MAY 18
COS-PROM at the Blasco Library! Cos-Prom is the place to be the night before the ELCC proper. Cosplay your favorite character from pop culture, anime, comic books, or wherever you like. Just do it. We will provide the music, fun and more!

This is a free, family event for all ages hosted by the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) and the Friends of the Erie County Public Library.

MAY 19


All the Small Things
Barnes & Noble
Black Unicorn Wood
Books Galore
Death Dealer Productions
Eerie Dolls Boutique
Edinboro Potterfest
Erie Makerspace
Extra Life
Firekin Studio
Little Black Cat Resin
Nick Caruso’s Gaming Table
Okie Dokie
Richelle’s Therapy
Robot Zero Toys
RPW Pro Wrestling of Erie
Squishy Productions

Todd Sanders is a game designer and book publisher who lives in Pittsburgh. Recent games include: IUNU, They Who Were 8, Pulp Detective (forthcoming) and Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden (forthcoming). He is very active in the Print and Play community on BoardGameGeek where he is most know for his redesign of Barbarian Prince.

USS Crystal Point
Wands by Doug Mellors


Mark Welser
Aaron Mueller
Dee Fish
Eerie Eric
Whistlefish Creations
Franklin O’Neal
John Flemming
Raven Perez

Second Floor

In the Zone Cards and Games, established in 2014, is the place for gaming in Ashtaubla. They offer nightly events in various games, weekly Magic the Gathering and Pokemon tournaments, and supply North East Ohio with a variety of board games. They also are also a popular place for D&D adventures and for friends to meet. Whether it’s to play competitively, restock on gaming supplies, or play any of their many demo board games, In The Zone is the place to be! Hosted games include Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Ascension, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Boss Monster, Catan, Civilization, Codenames, Evolution, Forbidden Desert, Imperial Assault, King of Tokyo, Legendary, Machi Koro, Munchkin, Pandemic, Smallworld, Smash Up, Zombicide, and more

Room 219
Dungeons & Dragons – Each D&D demo will walk you through a short journey using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. These events are made for people who are new to Role Playing Games so no experience is required, although experienced RPG players are welcome! Be ready for adventure and excitement, as plenty will be waiting around every corner! Demos take roughly 2 hours and are limited to 7 players per demo. Signups for each day’s demo will start that morning so make sure to sign up and secure your spot! Sessions are at 10, 1030, and 130.

12 – 3 PM – Paint & Take miniatures – Come pick out a miniature, sit down, and learn how to paint it! Experienced miniature painters will be on hand to give you advice and help. Whether you are looking to pick up some new tips to take your painting to the next level, or a beginner looking to learn the first steps to painting miniatures, you are sure to walk away from this session a better miniature painter than before. This will be an informative and fun event. You even get to leave with a newly painted miniature to start or add to your collection! Cost is $5.

Fallout Gaming

World War Games and Distractions

The GeekERIE – We’ll be here welcoming everyone as well as offering two activities:

All day – Dungeon Slam – You have one page and five rooms to create a D&D/Pathfinder adventure! Up for the challenge? All participants will get a free book of the finished dungeons!

12 PM – Exquisite Corpse: Poetry though Nonsense – Not great at poetry? Come play this absurdist parlor game with us and see what beauty can be made with friends and strangers.

We’ll also have 50/50 tickets, book baskets for kids (tickets are free for kids!), as well as raffles for other geeky items!

Archery Encounters

Admiral room
Retrocade Erie

Community Classroom
10 AM – Superhero JEOPARDY! presented by Abby Zielinski, Mark Zielinski, Brandon Levesque and Books Galore – Think you know all things superhero? Come on down and test your heroic knowledge. Volunteers form the audience will come and play as our three lucky contestants! Don’t worry audience you can play along too, just don’t shout out any answers! Will you get the answers with ease or will some questions be your Kryptonite?

1130 AM – PANEL: Pro Wrestling in Erie, PA

1 PM – PANEL: History of Dungeons & Dragons

2 PM – PANEL: Women in RPGs

3 PM – PANEL: Politics in Geekery

Hirt Auditorium
10 AM – Slaughter Films presents Monsters are Real! The magic of Ray Harryhausen’s movies are discussed with the love they deserve, followed by a showing of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.

1 PM – Cosplay Costume Contest! Prizes for the best costume creations in 4 divisions: adult (18+), teen (13-17) and youth (12 and under) and Couple/Group. Registration begins at 9 AM. Please complete entry form available at the Circulation desk prior to 12:45 PM. Prejudging will begin at 1 PM. The contest will begin at 1:30 on the stage.

230 PM – Satanic Panic! A double-feature of Dungeons & Dragons slander that caused a generation’s parents to burn their rulebook! Come see Mazes & Monsters and Zombie Orpheus‘s Dark Dungeons! Free Chick tracts given out to attendees!

Media Room
PODCAST: BAD Mitten Studio

Peninsula Room
Slim and Red

10 AM – NOON – Cartooning with Melissa Sullivan – This seminar will explore visual fluency by utilizing constant practice with an openness to ideas and materials. Just as a person becomes more fluent in a foreign language through regular study and use, an artist can become more fluid and articulate with a more open, routine approach. Without getting hung up on perfection, frequency and repetition can help an artist perfect his/her skill and ease the flow of ideas.

Heritage Room
1 PM – LECTURE: H. P. Lovecraft and the Origins of the Necronomicon with The Paranormal Pastor

Children’s Library
10 AM – Superhero Breakfast!

11 AM – 1 PM – ‘Toon time!

Mask making!

All day – Taradoodles

Computer Training Room
1030 – NOON, 1 – 230 – WORKSHOP: Japanese Robot Models with Elizabeth Lukjanczuk – Have you ever wanted to try putting together a model kit, but didn’t know where to start? Join us for a workshop where we’ll be putting together intricate robot models. These kits are specifically designed so that glue and paint are not necessary! All you will need are a set of clippers, which we will have handy! You can bring your own model kit, or purchase one from us for $10- $20


The Big Cheese Food Truck
Curry Point

EVENT: Intro to Dungeons & Dragons

The GeekERIE and The Erie County Public Library are partnering to bring the role-playing goodness of Dungeons & Dragons to teens who have never played and want to learn or who are new to the game and looking for players.

The first meeting on October 28 will be character creation. We’ll provide all the materials (dice included!), so all you have to do is show up with your imagination. Subsequent meetings will be an introductory campaign suitable for new players. We’ll have volunteers of experienced players on-hand to help newbies make decisions, learn what their characters are capable of, and get into the role-playing experience.

NOTE: The library is closed November 11, so there will be no session that day.

Limited to 12- to 17-years-olds. No registration necessary. If you’re not 12 to 17, perhaps you know someone who is or know someone who has a teen. Pass this along to them, please!

See you then!

EVENT: Friday the 13th Horror-a-thon!!

The GeekERIE is partnering with The Erie Movie House and Film Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania to bring you horror buffs TRIPLE FEATURE on-location experience that will get you pumped for Halloween in a big way!

Friday October 13 finds us hosting classic horror movies at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, 1024 Peach Street:

7:30pm THE EXORCIST (1973)
10:00pm THE THING (1982)
12:00am TRICK R TREAT (2007)

We’ll have breaks in between films with scary Erie legends told by The Paranormal Pastor and Heidi Longstreet!

$20 General Admission
-Tickets for all three movies
-Voucher for concessions

$30 VIP Admission
-Tickets for all three movies
-Voucher for concessions
-Voucher for food
-Video Game Pre-party
-Optional Balcony seating
-6:30pm early arrival to play the ‘Friday the 13th The Game’ live on the Playstation Network.

Use this link to purchase tickets!

Food will be available for purchase from the Kitchen Space as well as candy, popcorn, and soda.

Bring as many pillows, blankets, and warm clothing as needed.

**Please bring ID to verify ticket purchases
**18 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

EVENT: Erie Library Comic Con 2017!!

The Geek ERIE and Erie County Public Library are getting ready for Erie Library Comic Con 2017, and so should you be!

Cool news: ELCC 2017 will be TWO DAYS long this year! On May 12, The GeekERIE & The Erie County Public Library present HERO PROM at Basement Transmissions (which has its own event page), and then the Con itself on May 13! Because of renovations being donne at the Library, we’ve moved the venue to Basement Transmissions (145 W 11th St, Erie, PA 16501).

At the Con Proper, you can find these guests and vendors (We’re 99.9999% confirmed on everything!):

Actiontoyman specializes in action figures, comics and collectables. With three floors of fun, every visitor is sure to find something for their collection or to inspire a childhood memory. We have items from the 60s through today. From science fiction and superheroes to wrestling and sports, we have action figures, comics and collectables from all genres. Each visitor is treated to the visual impact of the action figures, the feeling of a neighborhood comic shop and the waves of nostalgia of past toys and collections. We are excited to be a part of the Library Con and will have a table full of items from the store to purchase during the event

Robot Zero Comics, Toys and Vintage

Books Galore is northwest PA’s largest specialty shop, featuring New Comics & Back Issues, Graphic Novels & Collected Editions, New & Used Books, Tabletop & Collectible Games. Stop in soon & get your geek on!

World War Games & Distractions
Mord McGhee
Eerie Dolls

In The Zone Cards and Games is one of NE Ohio’s largest game stores. We carry a huge selection Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon TCG Products, Tabletop Games and Role Play Game Products and Miniatures. In addition we have one of the best selection of Gaming Accessories around including Dice, Sleeves and other TCG accessories, Miniature Paints/Accessories, D&D Miniatures/Tile Packs and more! We host weekly tournaments and casual game nights so there is always something fun going on and feature a great selection of over 100 open games to come in and try!

Uncommon Universes Press
Box Of Light Studios – Erie (AKA Awesome Dinosaur)

All the Small Things sells magnets, prints, and handcrafted items from a variety of fandoms.

Squishy Productions

What Is File 13? – Dan Hosek has wanted to create comic books for as long as he can remember. He worked in Marvel Comics’ editorial department and was a children’s book designer before co-founding Castle Comics to realize his lifelong dream. Castle Comics publishes File 13, a super-powered hero’s journey (with a healthy dose of humor thrown in) loosely based on a concept Dan had when he was twelve years old. The first three issues of File 13 will be available for purchase at the show!

Extra Life
Germaine Cabbagehead
Erie Makerspace
Retrocade Erie
Dan Kinem (The VHS Guy)
Apocalypse Comics

Brian Zielinski & Paul Stempka bring their story, HALFWATER, to the table.

Death Dealer Productions is a young start-up horror film company founded by Arie Lombardozzi in 2014. Graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013, Arie earned his B.A. degree while majoring in Film Studies. With a few short films under his belt from his years in film school, and currently two completed short films since graduating – “Blink of and Eye” and “There’s Nobody at the Bridge” which will be availabe for sale (plus t-shirts!), he is looking to share his twisted vision on indie film making with Death Dealer Productions. Be aware, death soon will be coming to your doorstep!

Leggings for Days sells buttery soft JeanMarie leggings: anime leggings, pop-art leggings, robot leggings, monster leggings, and loads of skull leggings.

Stellar Comics Group

USS Crystal Point is a Star Trek Fan Club based in Erie. We are the Flagship of Fleet 31, an International Star Trek Based Service and Cosplay organization. In addition to meeting monthly, we attend tons of Con’s in the tri-state area all year long, devote time to local causes, and host a monthly Trivia Night, among other things. We are always on the lookout for die hard fans as well as those who have a passing interest and are looking to have fun and give back! look us up on Facebook: “Friends of USS Crystal Point”.

“Monster” Mark Kosobucki

The Art of Eerie Eric
Jason Youngbluth of Deep Fried Comics
Mark Welser

Franklin O’Neal, ‘The Artist of Pro Wrestling’, the official artist for the PWHF(Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame) in Wichita Falls, Texas. He has also illustrated the children’s book ‘Dragons are Real!’, worked in many mediums, and has made art for wrestlers, actors, musicians, among other personalities.

Dee Fish is a Pennsylvania based cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer. As a cartoonist, she is the creator of the online comic strip, Dandy & Company, an all-ages humor comic strip surrounding the misadventures of a dog and his boy. She is currently the writer and artist of the creator owned comic book, The Wellkeeper, young adult fantasy/adventure and the supernatural superhero comic, Apparition.

Mike Bocianowski

Hillary Upperman of PinkPig Studios makes a lot of cute plush toys, buttons, stickers and prints of fanart from various series from anime, comic books and movies and some original works.

Super Awesome Comics!
Aaron Mueller

Learn to play Pathfinder
Warhammer with Fallout Gaming

In the Zone’s games schedule is:

10 AM – Pokemon Video Game Premiere Challenge
12 PM – Pokemon Expanded League Challenge
11AM & 2PM – Dungeons and Dragons Learn to Play Campaign
-Magic the Gathering Booster Drafts on demand
-Board Games such as: Betrayal at House on the Hill, King of Tokyo, Munchkin, Fluxx, Batman Fluxx, 7 Wonders, Smallworld, Imperial Assault, Smash Up, DC Deckbuilding Game: Forever Evil, Zombicide, Ticket to Ride, Legendary Deck Building Game, Pandemic, Splendor, Ascension, Love Letter, Codenames, Catan, Machi Koro, Evolution.

10 AM – Intimidated by a character’s hair? Maybe you just need to change your hair color or style for a quick costume, but you don’t want to go all out at the salon. Where the heck do you get a wig anyway? Look no further! Join local cosplayer Risuru as she shares some basic cosplay wig-tips on where to buy, how to style, and how to care.

11 AM – Comic Book 101 (Creating a Character) with Melissa Shimek
12 PM – Comic Book 102 (Writing a Script) with Sean McGrath
1 PM – Comic Book 103 (Page Layout) with Jude Shingle

2 PM– World-building for Writers with Uncommon Universes Press

Paint N’ Take Minatures (all day on the Game Stage)

3 PM – Showing of There’s Nobody at the Bridge

Sticks & Bricks Wood Fired Pizza (Friday night only)
The Que Abides
Lavery Brewing
Tacos by Ashley Sayre de Rivas
Northern Scoop Craft Ice Cream

After the Con, we’ll have a TBA wrap-up event at Erie Movie House (last year, we showed MANOS – The Hands of Felt) with a showing of DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four PLUS a few other surprises! Triple feature for $5!

Can’t wait to see you there!

AUDITION: Going Rogue

We are casting a secret project for our newly christened Rogue Wood Theatre – the live performance branch of The GeekERIE – to close the 2017 Erie Library Comic Con on May 13. Wanna know what we are doing and how you can be a part of it? Then come to auditions on Sunday, February 12 at The Erie Movie House from 5 PM to 7 PM and all will be explained!

*Unfortunately, we do not know to whom we can give credit for the excellent graphic above. If it is yours, please get in touch so we can make your identity known.

CLASSES: BulletJournal for Young Adults

Have trouble organizing your daily life? If your to-do list as long as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? What project should you tackle first? How – Oh, how?!? – did you forget there was an Algebra test today?

Everyone’s been there (some of us live there), but if you’d like to learn a simple system for getting your Stuff under control, join The GeekERIE at the Blasco Library as we take you through the joys of creating your own BulletJournal!

Not familiar with BulletJournal? Essentially, it’s a compact and customizable organization systems that’s part to-do list, part calendar, part diary and part sketchbook. Take a look:

Best of all, it’s insanely easy to start and maintain. And we’ll show you how to do it!

Two sessions are available – February 11 at 11 AM, and February 25 at 11 AM – and should take 90 minutes to complete. Each session can accommodate 15 participants (12 to 18 year old, please). The GeekERIE will provide everything you need to get started on your BulletJournal – the journal itself, pens, highlighters, clips, ruler, and a guide. All you have to do is show up and let us lead you through the process. Seats are limited so reserve your place by calling 451-6927 or email Teen Services at the library.

See you then!

EVENT: Krampus & Kompany


Every December 5th, Saint Nicholas trots the globe, giving gifts to good boys and girls to find in their shoes the following morning


did you know he travels with the demon Krampus, who punishes bad boys and girls by whipping them with his hazel switch and trowing the truly nasty children into his basket to drag to Hell and drown in a lake of black ink?

Did you also know that Krampi haunt the villages of Bavaria in well-attended festivals designed to scare kids good?

Well, guess what! The GeekERIE is bringing this tradition to Erie! We did it last year and had a blast, so there’s no sense in stopping now.

Join us on December 5th from 3 PM to 8 PM as St. Nick and Krampus stalk the neighborhoods (and bars because it’s winter and we’ll need fortifying) of Erie looking to reward the good and punish the bad! In fact, we insist you join us DRESSED AS YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY MONSTER!!

Oh yes, there’s more than one Winter Monster in the world.

Find your monster below and RSVP for the event. Details as to where and how will emerge as we get closer to December.

* Klausentreiben

* Perchta

* Ursul

* Jólakötturinn

* The Yule Lads

* Caganer

* Julbock

* Kohoutek and the Children of God

* Others I’m sure I’ve missed which I welcome you to post about below.

America just isn’t keeping The Good Old Days of Winter Can Kill You alive like they do in Europe so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start planning now to be part of a new and lovely tradition.

P.S. Unless you yourself are black, don’t show up as Zwarte Piet. I’m hesitant to even draw attention to this lest some jerk do it just to be contrary, but I also don’t want to think there’s tacit approval of blackface. #SorryNotSorry

P.P.S. Invite your friends!

P.P.P.S. Our meeting place is TBD at this time.

EVENT: 24 Hour Comics Day 2016


Our signature event!

24 hours.
24 blank pages.

On October 1 at 11 AM, brave (and highly caffeinated) souls will begin the arduous task of completing a 24 page comic book before time run out at 11 AM on October 2.

This is an all ages event, but children under 15 should plan to have a parent stay with them for as long as they stay with us. Those between 16 and 18 can stay with a parent or guardian’s written permission. Those under 10 should probably not stay all 24 hours.

Even if you can’t do it, pass the event aong to someone you think will! This is a community-based activity.

Don’t live in Erie? We’ll Skype you in!

All food and drinks will be provided, so no one has to leave the site and lose precious art time.

RSVP so we know you’re coming!

We’ll be holing up at Box of Light at 419 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania 16501 starting at 11 AM on October 2. See you there!

More info is here! S


The Secret Origin

secret origin

I love my hometown of Erie, PA despite its inability to define itself and really know what it wants to be when it grows up. We have a lot of cool things here like Presque Isle and four distinct seasons and wineries and a werewolf migration. We’re number two in safety from natural disasters, but we’re also tied for tenth place in obesity (it’s all these delicious home-style restaurants and the sad lack of dog parks), and we rank number three in snow (which I happen to like). And while we’re hardly cosmopolitan (though Lord knows we try!), there is this great groundswell of music, arts, theatre and dance run by dedicated and passionate folks who want to make The Arts what Erie is known for.

I moved back to Erie after a twenty-year (!) absence in 2010. I knew I wanted to be closer to my family and to have more authentic contact than the Sunday phone calls that recapped the week of, let’s face it, things I was missing. I figured when I got to town, I’d settle in and decide pretty quickly what it was I wanted to do here for work and for life. Well, “quickly” became “two years later” before I knew it, and while employed and somewhat social, I didn’t feel as connected to my hometown as I thought I would be. I wasn’t doing anything to make Erie better for my being here.

Then in 2012, I ran a Kickstarter to raise money to host the first (in Erie) 24 Hour Comics Day. I babysat that campaign every day of its 30 day life, and in the end successfully raised $1,500 to give something new to the Erie art and geek scenes. But first, there was New York Comic Con where I attended two panels with my friend PJ (with whom I had often discussed the dream of opening our own LCS) which were hosted by ComicsPro: Comics and Your Community with Thomas Gaul of Corner Store Comics and Beach Ball Comics and Be a Comic Book Retailer! led by Amanda Emmert. After the sessions, I knew that I wanted to open my own comic book store. PJ and I talked about it for hours –days– afterwards, and there was never any doubt about how much work it would be, but how much fun as well.

I mean, what life-long comic geek doesn’t dream about having his or her own comic shop?

One week later was 24 Hour Comics Day, where I met some amazing, creative locals and learned some startling things about my hometown (like there’s a print shop that does comic books and another that makes board game pieces; who knew?). When the event was over and I woke up two days later, my first thought was “Yeah. This could work. I could do this, but what would ‘this’ look like?”

“This” eventually became The GeekERIE with, of course, a few iterations along the way. Currently, The GeekERIE is a literacy non-profit organization in its early days, but with several successful events come and gone – Automatic Comics, 24 Hour Comics Day, Erie Library Comic Con – and several more coming up, I’d say we’re making a splash.

The GeekERIE’s (official, according to our application to the IRS) purpose is “to promote literacy and provide literacy education to under-served, low-income populations in Erie County by hosting creative programming in schools, libraries, and other public venues, utilizing transmedia, such as micropressing, animation, live theatre, educational classes, and art shows– to engage learners by their active participation in the creative process. Our programs include 24 Hour Comics Day, Automatic Comics, Exquisite Comics, Lovecraft Live, The Bulwer-Lytton Race to the Bottom, and Kristmas with Krampus. Other programs and publications not listed will come under ‘The GeekERIE presents.”

Our fundraisers are going to be totally different from anything you’ve ever seen before: they will be fun, entertaining, and there will not be a cheese platter in sight. Ever. You’re more likely to see pizza and beer.

Besides the literacy programming, we’re looking into a commercial store for all your gaming, comic book, coffee and socializing desires. Plus, if all goes according to plan, who wouldn’t want one of these around town???

*Designed by Scott McGrath

*Designed by Scott McGrath

I want it. You want it. Stick with us and we’ll get it, and more.



Like Gaming? Here’s how to do it right!

April 30 is International Tabletop Day, and if you didn’t know, Geek & Sundry Head Geek Wil Wheaton sums up one’s social obligations while you’re out meeting new people and games (in any situation, really) very neatly: “Don’t be a dick.”

However, coming from an education background, I understand that might not be explicit enough. I mean, one can say “Don’t be a dick”, but what does not being a dick look like? How should one behave to not be a dick?

Luckily, there’s lovely image which quite explicitly spells out how to not be a dick (click for the large version):

the_gamer_s_guide_to_good_behaviour_by_rdigby-d8tsy6b small

It’s not mine, but I’m sure creator Robert Digby would want you to pass it along.

Good Gaming, all!

Graphics credit to Robert Digby.

EVENT: Erie Library Comic Con 2016


First of all, Mark Welser‘s ELCC poster is genius, right? Disagree with me if you feel differently, but you’re wrong.

Next, I want to welcome The Que Abides to the Con!! If you haven’t had their food, you are in for SUCH a treat!

Are you cosplaying? GREAT! Stop by The GeekERIE’s booth so we can get a picture of you!

Finally and of course, here’s what’s happening this year at Erie Library Comic Con (90% complete, there still may be a few surprises to be revealed):


  • Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch Overkill
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Star Wars: X-Wing
  • Pokemon
  • Attack Dice
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • Intro to Pathfinder

A few more are possible. Stay tuned!


In the Atrium

COMIC BOOK 101 – Want to create your very own comic book character? Local genius artist Mark Welser will take oyou through the process of planning and drawing characters that are ready for adventure! First session is at 10 AM; second session at 11 AM.

But it doesn’t stop there!

COMIC BOOK 102 – Now that you have a character, what about those earlier-mentioned adventures? Sean McGrath, writer of Frater Mine and Cthulhu vs. the Vikings will show you how to plan and write a one-page story to get your hero (or villain) off to a champion start! First session is at 11 AM; second session at 12 PM.

But it doesn’t stop there!!

COMIC BOOK 103Jude Shingle brings it all how by teaching you how to layout a comic book page, fill your panels with action and dialogue, and finishing it off with ink. When you leave, you’ll have a comic book page of your own creation! First session is at 12 PM; second session at 1 PM.


Dagorhir – Described as “Where the Middle-ages meet Middle-Earth,” Dagorhir is a fast-paced, full-contact medieval-fantasy combat game. Fighters use “boffer,” foam padded weapons to maximize safety. Our easy to learn combat rules make Dagorhir something anyone 18 and over* can easily participate in. However, you don’t have to be a fighter to enjoy Dagorhir, as we are heavily social in addition to fighting and are a great space for non-combatants to explore all areas of creating a medieval-fantasy persona. Front Lawn, all day.
*Under 18 requires parental consent

In the Hirt Auditorium

10 AM – Adjust Your Tracking takes you back to the glory days of video stores and VHS by exploring the underground subculture of people who still love and cherish the format.

12 PM – Radio Rebooted Live (and in color!) – Tired of canned talk radio about news and sports? Meet the people of Radio Rebooted, an anything-goes comedy talk show centered on arts, entertainment, pop culture, and some diabolically risque conversation. We’ll be cracking jokes, hosting discussions on movies, video games, and the like, and even providing a few surprises. Small children are advised to play “earmuffs.”

2 PM – Lovecraft LIVE! is a new kind of theatrical experience which The GeekERIE is proud to present! Watch the in-studio shenanigans of a radio drama hosted by Mr. H. P. Lovecraft himself descend into madness and horror as they tell tales of the eldritch and occult to you, the listeners at home. Directed by Kate Copp and written by Sean McGrath.


All panels will take place in Room 219 in the south-east corner of the 2nd floor.

9:30 AM – The GeekERIE – Sure, you’ve heard of us. You’re at our Con today! But who are we and what are we doing for Erie? Sean McGrath and Nick Parrett talk about The GeekERIE’s goals, plans, dreams and what it all means for you.

10:30 AM – Mord McGhee – Mord will be reading a scene from OLD FLAMES AND HEROES which takes place INSIDE THE BLASCO PUBLIC LIBRARY! Maybe, if the weather permits, the reading can happen near the HMS NIAGARA, which is also featured in the scene. If you haven’t heard of this new book, where have you been? Besides featuring the Historic Niagara Seaway Trail including ERIE, PA, the coming of age novel is also in the running for a 2016 Newbery Medal and features a Foreword by Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum Loren Coleman.

11:30 AM – Quickstarter: How to use Crowdfunding to turn your Hobby into a Job – Ever thought that it would be great to be able to do what you love full time? You may be closer to that that you think! Come to this seminar to learn how to use crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to get started making this dream come true.

1 PM – Multiverse of Awesome – The Star Wars Ring Theory, which proposes that George Lucas used an ancient story composition style that dates back to Beowulf, when he made the Prequels. Lucas himself has never admitted to using a Ring Composition, which is why this is called a theory. However, the evidence is quite compelling, and will leave you with a new understanding and appreciation for what Lucas accomplished with the Prequels. Hosted by Andrew Copp.

2 PM – Beginners Guide To Armor Cosplay – Have you ever want to create your own suit of Halo armor? How about building your own Ironman suit? Come learn the beginning steps towards building cosplay suits of armor. This panel will cover the basics of Pepakura paper crafting, as well as EVA foam crafting, tools and supplies, and general safety. Open Q&A with 405th Division Member Benton Samec.

3 PM – Making your Cosplay with Risuru-Chan – Having trouble finding that costume you want in stores? Or, maybe you’re finding that Halloween is beginning to become quite expensive. Heck, maybe you just want to make a cool costume! Join local cosplayer Risuru-Chan as she shares some of her cosplay construction tips, tricks, and money-saving secrets! Feel free to bring questions! You can check her work out on her Facebook page or find her on Instagram.


Aaron Mueller’s Art and Design – CALLING ALL ART FANATICS! Want to see painting with a twist? Come see local artist Aaron Mueller create LIVE paintings with just a few cans of spray paint as well as display other great works of Art. Also, be sure to stick around for a chance to win a spray paint original!

ACTIONTOYMAN specializes in action figures, comics and collectables. With three floors of fun, every visitor is sure to find something for their collection or to inspire a childhood memory. We have items from the 60s through today. From science fiction and superheroes to wrestling and sports, we have action figures, comics and collectables from all genres. Each visitor is treated to the visual impact of the action figures, the feeling of a neighborhood comic shop and the waves of nostalgia of past toys and collections.

Adjust Your Tracking

All the Small Things – Specializing in cute and geeky art, All the Small Things has been selling at conventions for over ten years. Best known for chibi fandom themed magnets, the table also offers fanart and original prints, original comics, small handcrafted items …even sock puppets!

Books Galore

Hayley Bricker

Ryann Burke – Erie native, Ryann quickly learned the best way to escape from long winters was painting, cutting through her Steam library, and playing D&D. A passionate artist, she found herself deeply inspired by the beautiful worlds and bold characters brought to life through games of all kinds. She brings to the Con original, boldly colored paintings influenced by pop culture and gaming, including but not limited to, Pokemon, League Of Legends, D&D, and Kingdom Hearts. Prints and stickers will also be available. Stop by, share your campaign stories, and browse at Ryann’s first Con attendance in her hometown!

CMOS Collectibles has been in the superhero business for the last 20+ years buying and selling DC Comics Licensed Superhero memorabilia. We setup at 20 shows a year and you can check us out online at www.supercollectibles.com and browse our 2000+ different items we carry for sale. We have been featured in multiple TV shows on collecting and featured in books and documentary’s on Superman as well. We will be setup with several hundred items for sale at the show, so feel free to stop by, check it all out, talk Superheroes, etc. Follow us on Facebook!

Eerie Dolls Boutique

Extra-Life.org – Play games. Heal Kids! Extra Life is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program that empowers the gaming community to make a difference in the lives of local sick kids. Participants fundraise year-round and during a 24-hour gaming marathon each Fall. Getting involved is as easy as signing up online at extra-life.org. You can play from the comfort of your own home, playing any game you want.

Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $14 million for local CMN hospitals. Locally, Erie gamers have raised $15,000 to help sick kids at Saint Vincent Hospital!

Dee Fish is the creator, writer and artist for the fantasy/adventure graphic novel series, THE WELLKEEPER, the creator of the long running online comic strip, DANDY & COMPANY, and the co-creator and artist of the Hashtag Comics horror book CARPE NOCTEM. She has also worked on the comics ATOMIC ROBO, THE PERHAPANAUTS, PVP & THE MICE TEMPLAR. She will have copies of the Wellkeeper graphic novels, character prints and more and will be signing and drawing ORIGINAL art all day!

Forbidden Heroes

The GeekERIE – We’ll be here (of course!) talking about our mission, programs, events (like Erie Library Comic Con, Kristmas with Krampus) and 24 Hour Comics Day. Take a chance to win a Tower of Games!

Benjamin Lathrop – I’ve been doodling for quite a while, and now I want to share my work with you guys! I’ll have a combination of both original works and fanart for sale. Feel free to stop by, chat, and browse a selection of prints with designs and characters from your favorite games, as well as some of my own stuff!

Mord McGhee – Come say hello to Pittsburgh author Mord McGhee as seen in the Buffalo News this year here for his new novel (voted #7 Preditors and Editors Readers’ Choice Poll in January for 2015/16 Fantasy & Science Fiction Book of the Year), OLD FLAMES AND HEROES. Mord McGhee is a 2014 Poynter’s Science Fiction Medalist for his debut GHOSTS OF SAN FRANCISCO and 2014 horror novel MURDER RED INK (called by NYTimes best-seller Steve Alten, “Graphic, intense, and provocative”) was on the list of Reddit Horror Books of the Year.

S. A. McKay – Erie writer and artist, S.A. McKay, will be on site performing two of his works, “The Dragon & The Witch” and “The Dragon & The Witch: SNOW DAY!!!” For all of the adults out there who still have magic and love in their hearts, you won’t want to miss this! Friendly for all-ages. Stop by his table to meet him, and check out his prints, works, and other writings! AND as a special bonus, Scott will be in the Children’s Library at 1 PM reading from his book!

Nonlocal Science Fiction – A science fiction magazine published right here in Erie, PA? Really? Yes, really. Nonlocal Science Fiction launched on Super Pi Day (3/14/15) after a successful Kickstarter campaign and published four issues full of sci-fi goodness throughout 2015. Featuring short stories by standout indie authors from all corners of the U.S. and the globe, Nonlocal delivers fantastic stories that span the galaxy and explore the deepest reaches of the human mind. Owner/editor Dan Dombrowski will be on hand selling print copies of the brand new 2015 Collection, an anthology of every story from the first four issues of Nonlocal Science Fiction. Stop by our table for a free digital copy of Issue #1!

Radio Rebooted: the Booth! – Ryan Maloney is the host of anything-goes comedy/arts/entertainment talk show Radio Rebooted, and now he’s setting up shop on the show floor to interview attendees, fellow booth-holders, and even guests from shows’ past. If you’re ready to partake firsthand in some hilariously tasteless conversation and win some fun prizes in the process, stop by and chat with us!

Ramone Outlaw and Germaine Cabbagehead – Have you ever met Ramone L. Outlaw? Well, if you haven’t don’t be shy! Stop by his table and chat with him. Ramone is a really cool dude and also a local author/illustrator of the children’s book series Germaine Cabbagehead! This will be Ramone and Germaine’s first appearance at Comic Con and they are both very excited to be part of it. All three books will be on sale for $10 each and will be personally signed and free posters will be given away to the first 20 buyers. He can’t wait to meet you all!

Retrocade Erie

Richelle’s Therapy

Robot Zero Comics

Sources And Methods Games makes many unique titles including everything from the family friendly word game, Widget, deeply strategic eldritch horror meets ancient warriors mash-up, Cthulhu vs. the Vikings! Stop by and check out our games! Be sure to ask to see some of the art coming in the second issue of Cthulhu vs. the Vikings!

Stellar Comics Group

Squishy Productions – A couple of crafters and artist making a variety of creations from pillows to dice bags to Pokemon hats. If you’re in a fandom chances are they’ve got something for you. We also have a fast-growing Youtube channel where we use audio from popular players like The Game Grumps and Jesse Cox to make puppet shows!

Super Awesome Comics – Benjamin Anthony brings his self-published comics, books, ‘zines, original art and (maybe) some video for Erie to behold!


USS Crystal Point – USS Crystal Point is a Star Trek Fan Club based in Erie. We are the Flagship of Fleet 31, an International Star Trek Based Service and Cosplay organization. In addition to meeting monthly, we attend Con’s in the tri-state area, devote time to local causes, and host a monthly Trivia Night at Scully’s Tavern. We are always on the lookout for die hard fans as well as those who have a passing interest and are looking to have fun and give back!

Mark Welser

World War Games and Distractions


The exquisite Erie Movie House will host a showing the terrifying puppet-based take on the worst movie ever: Manos, the Hands of Felt! See Torgo, the satyr! Meet the most hapless of doomed vacationers! Wonder at the mysterious Master! The movie starts at 8 PM, post-ELCC. Tickets are $5; it’s BYOB and make sure you bring quarters for the Ultracade!


Dina of Disney, Gina of First Second, Peter Saenz, Northwest Press, David Berger and Alyssa of B&N for their donations to our reading baskets!

Erin McCracken and Marcy Hall of the Blasco Library.

Mark Welser

Friends of the Library

EVENT: Kristmas with Krampus


In a year of firsts, December 5, 2015 saw The GeekERIE give Erie its first ever Krampusnacht, also called St. Nick’s Eve, the night when the Christmas Demon comes to town to find the naughty boys and girls and punish them for their wicked ways: a brisk spanking with his hazel switch or being dragged to Hell to be drowned in a lake of black ink, depending on how horrible the child is. Be careful what you wish for when you say you want a “traditional Christmas”!

Did you miss out? No worries! Krampus is available to come to your child’s window at midnight and scare him or her back to the Path of Righteousness. You pay for on-going therapy, of course.

Still not enough? Check out the pictures:

And If you wonder what Krampus looks like walking this streets of Erie, wonder no longer:

We invite all Krampi to join us next year for Kristmas with Krampus! Don your horns, stick out your tongue, and we’ll drink a toast to the fear that keeps us all in line, then spank some naughty boys and girls. Lake of black ink not included.

Happy Holidays!

[Art by Mark Welser]

New York Comic Con 2015


Bit late getting this up, but, ya know, disabling Con Plague was had.

NYCC was AWESOME!!!! I cannot wait for 2016!

This was The GeekERIE’s first time going to the Con as an educational pro (in the person of Sean here), which meant that I got to meet people like The Comic Book Teacher, The Other Comic Book Teacher and Alex Simmons who gave us full visions of how they make comics and gaming and writing and creating safe spaces for kids part of their teaching lives. It’s an amazing bar to reach, but also one that is worth reaching. Seeing the programs they have created makes what we want to do at The GeekERIE seem not only possible, but probable. All that inspiration is going to last a looooong time.

Also, I had ramen every day. Fresh, delicious ramen.

Jibberbun and I got an undeserved and kinda strange write-up over at Gothamist which was an amazing cap to an amazing weekend. OH! The actual cap to the weekend was going to The Brooklyn Strategist with my friend Josh to see what a game store/learning center looks like in practice. It was beautiful. Seriously, I almost cried. The GeekERIE has another idol to look up to and emulate.

Big announcements are coming in the next few weeks, so keep an ear out. I’ll probably be shouting them to anyone within earshot. Maybe further. It’s exciting, moving-forward stuff.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from NYCC 2015:

EVENT: Teen Reading Lounge

Teen Reading Lounge at the Erie County Public Library is BACK! You can get all the details here about who to call to make reservations (and they truly are appreciated), while perusing the list of books up for vote this time ’round.

TRL Reading List 2015

Voting will happen September 29 at 6 PM at the library (160 East Front St, Erie, PA 16507). AND there will be pizza while we vote and chat and meet our reading companions for the next several weeks. It’ll be a good time!

EVENT: Watch the Skies Megagame


If you’ve never played a megagame -which, full disclosure, I never have- you need to take care of that lapse in living (full disclosure: I am), and this November 12 (from 12 to 7) you’ll have the chance to. On that day, Erie Megagmes hosts the Watch the Skies megagame at the Universal Unitarian Church on Perry Highway.

But, I hear you cry, what is a magegame?!?

Glad you asked.

[Watch the Skies] is a megagame about international relations, conflict and high level diplomacy.
It also involves mysterious and threatening aliens from outer space.

The basic premise is that unknown aliens are increasingly visiting earth to abduct, investigate, terrorise and ultimately to subvert and take over or perhaps render earth weak enough to invade.

The game is about how humanity as a collection of political entities decides to react to this.

Game play is in part about humanity gaining technological knowledge by shooting down alien craft and/or capturing aliens alive or dead and key items of their technology. That knowledge can be used to improve the economy (selling alien tech to corporations), develop improved countermeasures to the alien threat or to upgrade national defense.

There will be the different national contingents attempting to coordinate their responses whilst at the same time meeting national objectives. This will involve high level diplomacy. Earth remains a politically complicated place, and at the same time as responding to the obvious threat of aliens, human governments will have the full range of human on human political rivalries, conflicts and crisis – none of which can be safely ignored.

Humans get to upgrade their capabilities or economies by researching captured alien equipment and personnel and thereby gaining knowledge. These can be shared or held – depending on how much the human players cooperate. Humans also have to decide how to use their resources to build better bases, upgrade existing weapons and so on. And who knows – maybe bring the war to the enemy?

The Aliens will be getting up to the usual unspeakably devious and alien activities. Abductions, probes, infiltration, cattle mutilation and terror raids cannot be ruled out.

The game will be on quarterly turns so decision-making will be strategic – primarily about resource allocation, doctrine, policy making and, of course, diplomacy.

Join as an individual (you’ll be matched to a team) or as a team (representing a nation and its military, diplomatic and espionage strengths, or terrorize the other players as Aliens)!

Tickets can be purchased here, and YES! tickets are required to be purchased before the event. Because everyone is going to be sorted into jobs and countries -to say nothing of purchasing lunches- stragglers can’t be accommodated.

If you want to see the game in action, check out this video. Yes, it’s long, but the first 10 minutes should be sufficient to get you to register.

Buy your tickets now and be a part of Erie’s first megagame experience! I’ll be there!

EVENT: 24 Hour Comics Day


See the counter at the top of the page? That’s how long you have to get yourself ready for 24 Hour Comics Day 2015. But wait, you cry. What is 24 Hour Comics Day?

Glad you asked.

24HCD is a yearly challenge during which participants have 24 hours (duh, Trisha…) to create a 24-page comics book from scratch – pencils, inks, and lettering (colors, too, if you’re some kind of wizard). The challenge, of course, lies in making the comic on your own, but if you want to bring some friends along to help, we’re flexible.

Your 24 hours starts at 11 AM, Saturday, October 3 and ends at 11 AM, Sunday, October 4. Kids under 18 need to have a parent or guardian come in to let us know they’re not runaways. Kids under 15 can stay all 24 hours, but only if a guardian stays with them. For parents who don’t want to commit to the full 24 (and seriously, we don’t blame you), we’ll be having a kids’ session from 11 AM to 5 PM. The event happens at Box of Lights Studios’ new space at 419 State Street in downtown Erie.

Art supplies will be provided for kids (13 and under), but everyone else will have to bring their own. But “art supplies” can mean anything! Clay and a camera? Great! Legos? Even better! Printer paper and Sharpies? That’s the spirit! You prefer to draw on a laptop? We have no problem with that! Construction paper, scissors and glue? Back to basics! Your art is whatever you do to get your story told. Don’t limit yourself to what you think The GeekERIE wants you to do, because the only thing we want you to do is to make comics.

And the really cool part? Everyone who participates gets a copy of the finished comic book!

We’ll be providing food, but donations are always gratefully accepted.

Our fabulous poster is by Ben Jammin. Come by Box of Light Studios on October 3 and you can meet him! If you have any questions, let us know!

TUTORING: What We’re Here For!

It’s time.

Starting July 1, 2015, The GeekERIE will offer reading and writing tutoring on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Erie County Public Library by appointment. Sessions will be 30 to 60 minutes long and there will be no charge at this time. Yes, FREE tutoring!

Send me an email at YourHost@TheGeekERIE.org to make an appointment. We’ll discuss your goals and how you want to work your sessions during our first meeting.

Hope to see you soon!