EVENT: Kristmas with Krampus


In a year of firsts, December 5, 2015 saw The GeekERIE give Erie its first ever Krampusnacht, also called St. Nick’s Eve, the night when the Christmas Demon comes to town to find the naughty boys and girls and punish them for their wicked ways: a brisk spanking with his hazel switch or being dragged to Hell to be drowned in a lake of black ink, depending on how horrible the child is. Be careful what you wish for when you say you want a “traditional Christmas”!

Did you miss out? No worries! Krampus is available to come to your child’s window at midnight and scare him or her back to the Path of Righteousness. You pay for on-going therapy, of course.

Still not enough? Check out the pictures:

And If you wonder what Krampus looks like walking this streets of Erie, wonder no longer:

We invite all Krampi to join us next year for Kristmas with Krampus! Don your horns, stick out your tongue, and we’ll drink a toast to the fear that keeps us all in line, then spank some naughty boys and girls. Lake of black ink not included.

Happy Holidays!

[Art by Mark Welser]