In this holiday season, you may find yourself becoming a bit fubsy what with all the invitations to go out and imbibe cheering spirits with friends or consume more than your fair share of stuffed goose with a tart plum sauce and all the trimmings.  This is what Winter is all about, right? Fattening ourselves up to survive the frigid, lean times and the growing darkness until Spring sets us back on our diets again.

Take Mr. Creosote, for example:

Of course, saying Mr. Creosote is fubsy is like saying the Chicago Fire of 1871 was just a little incendiary accident; it’s understatement bordering on tragic misuse.  However, my brain is too dull from turkey and pie to really think of a better comparison. So there. Fubsy.

WORD CANDY: Squamous


It’s probably my recent fascination with all things H. P Lovecraft that accounts for today’s word, squamous, which means, more or less, “scaly” when referring to the texture of something’s skin.  It’s used to describe skin cells compromised by carcinoma as well as the once-flesh of the Deep Ones.  It’s unpleasant either way.

[Image from XombiDirge (which provides a horrifying translation of what the Deep One is saying]


Word Candy is our new feature that showcases underused words which should be made a part of your vocabulary as soon as possible, like today’s word: haimish.  Yiddish in origin, haimish means “homey”, “comfortable”, “a place I feel I belong” or “this is a person I could have a drink with”. It sort of explains this guy’s name, right?



OK, I don’t know how if Haymitch is all that haimish, but there would definitely be drinks if you met him.